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i17 TWS Wireless Earpods Bluetooth 5.0 Touch Control Sport Headset

  • Bluetooth version: Jerry V5.0, HD binaural call.
  • Transmission distance: 10-18 meters barrier-free distance.
  • Product speaker: superior copper ring speaker.
  • Product chip: true stereo chip.
  • Working hours: Jerry (3-4 hours).
  • Item Type: Headset
  • New upgrade I17 tws Bluetooth earphone wireless headphones sport earbuds with mic gaming headset with pop-up window aptx HD bass sound and active noise reduction for all smartphone mobile phone Xiaomi pk airdots pro, flypods
  • Charging bin standby time: 25 days +
  • Headphone battery capacity: pure cobalt 50 mAh
  • Charging battery capacity: pure cobalt 400 mA (with IC protection board)
  • First, boot (pairing): The earphones are taken out from the charging compartment and automatically switched on automatically (ie, the red and blue lights flash alternately, the headsets are successfully paired, and one of them is turned off)
  • Charging tips: When the charging compartment is charging the earphone: the charging compartment blue light is on, the earphone red light is on, and the indicator light is off after the earphone is full.

  • When charging the charging compartment with the data cable: the charging compartment indicator flashes and the indicator light is always on when the battery is fully charged.

  • Shut down: The headset is automatically turned off when placed in the charging compartment (you can also manually touch any of the left and right headphones to shut down)

  • Wake up Siri: In the case of Bluetooth connection, the three-click headset function button wakes up Siri
  • Tips: If the pairing data is cleared when the button is used, you can put it into the charging compartment and turn it off automatically. Then take it out and manually press and hold anyone for two seconds, then release it and you will be automatically paired.
  • Support the mobile pop-up function
  • Supports the pop-up window